Tips For Downsizing

Tips For Downsizing From Our Toronto Homes

 Start with rooms you use the least, start with the big stuff, figure out the furniture before the knick knacks.
Moving from the family home and how to get going.
Create a sorting system, use stickers and piles, what stays, what goes…BE RUTHLESS…
Keep a family history of items with special memories, they will be shared for generations
Block times, two hours or so at a time and stay FOCUSED..
Don’t rush, give yourself plenty of time with sifting and sorting process. Take time to laugh shed a tear and remember…its very important.

Now What to do with the stuff

 Keep what you treasure and and set aside what you really cant let go of..
Bequeath items now..
 Get rid of what you no longer need, perhaps a garage sale, or donate to a charity.
Have your children remove THEIRs’ now, it’s time they took responsibility for their things…

Dividing your things peacefully

 Figure out a system that your family can all agree on. Making sure each member gets something special.
 Encourage family members to negotiate amongst themselves….
WE didn’t say this would be easy, however you will relieve your family of having to do it!


Peg & Marion – Our Toronto Homes are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We have some shortcuts for you.

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