It’s All About Trades!!

Ahhh Homeownership. 
Your castle…..can spring a leak!
There are some important people that you need to know.
These tradespeople have worked for us or come highly recommended. Whatever job you’re tackling, it’s wise to get at least two quotes. Feel comfortable with the person you hire, price is important but don’t let it be the deciding factor; you have to be able to communicate with the person you hire.

If you are unsure of what your house is up to, get a home inspection! There are many reputable home inspectors that will furnish you with a report that tells you about the major components of your house. It really is worth the investment. Here are some we recommen.

Home Inspectors:

National Home Inspectors                                              At Ease Building Inspectors
416-467-7809 Richard or Mark                                    416-657-2237 Carlos Gaspar


Dave Hampton 416-487-9279                                       Chris Medri 416-821-9111


Malcom Enright                  Kyle Bateman 647-271-2616


Harold Peter 416-820-8317                                         Gary Noseworthy  416-990-2952


Steve Murphy 416-565-0725

Roofing / Siding / Eave Troughs:

Fritz Zimmerman 416-565-7663

Heating & Air Conditioning:

Pat Narayan 416-759-3596 or 416-570-5952               Glen Schmitz 416-522-5166


Capitol Flooring – Danny 416-726-6090 or 416-536-2200


Tom Sloan 416-267-5552 or


Ann Hunter 416-465-4382 or


Northland Paving 416-200-6520                                       Paveworks 416-617-8266

OIL Tank Removal:

Marco Silva 416-5742757

Garbage Removal:

Jay Valliancourt 647-858-2048 or 416-690-0117        John Lewis 416-569-3236

Tree Service:

Beechwood- John 416-690-6114                                    Doyles Landscaping – Frank
416-737-2847 or 416-759-2653

General Contractor:

Woodhouse Contracting
Terry Coe

Pest Control:

Aetna – Richard                                                          Pesticon – Waheed Ahmed
416-469-4111                                                              416-839-1097 or 416-854-7060



Peg Graham & Marion Burnett: Realtors Extrodinaire. Our experience and knowledge give you the tools and confidence to Buy or Sell in our dynamic city of Toronto. Our Toronto Homes specializes in single family homes, condos', and multiple unit dwellings in The Greater Toronto Area (GTA). 'Let's Get Together and Get The Job Done'
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